I was way too busy to start this 30 day film project really. I was already doing a 365 photography project and working during the day. But, after watching Hailey Bartholomew's CreativeLive seminar 'Promoting Your Studio With Video Showreels', I was encouraged by Hailey and Sue Bryce to delay no longer and plunge right in.

I did find it difficult filming every day. I only get half an hour for lunch and oftentimes I'd be eating and filming within that short window. And so there was no rhyme or reason to what I was filming. And this disturbed me. What would my film turn out like with no sense or narrative?

Trusting in the process of regularly practising filming every day did have other benefits however. I call them mechanical benefits - using your equipment - remembering and forgetting the following things: white balance, focus, exposure, ND filter. There were a few times when I carried a tripod around only to discover that I had the wrong adaptor on my camera.

When it came time to edit the film together I started at the end. That's where I unintentionally made the word 'end' using transfer lettering. I wanted to make a word but, of course, all of the vowels had been used long ago. I filled out the timeline going by gut feel. Although there was no narrative I started to find a connection and a flow between images taken over the 30 day period and I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by this unexpected turn of events - creating order out of chaos.

I'd already tested some of my own songs and musical ideas next to the footage and found one track that seemed to suit it. Placing this into the edit I then altered the edit to hit a few musical beats.

Personally I love working within worst case scenarios - making things using very little. In this way it prepares you for real life and for those bad days that will inevitably happen at some point or another. Whether you like it or not.

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