For as short as this one is I totally frikkin love the way it turned out. Basically I was handed a drive with nearly 3 gigs of images from the game and asked to make a trailer. Having watched a ton of similar game trailers in preparation, a good amount of them have text on the screen at various times pointing out features of the game. Not having played the game I asked them to send me a script, and by script I meant a list of bullet points. I actually laughed out loud when they sent back a script, my bad for not being more specific. I wrote back and clarified and they sent over the requested bullet points. While I had been waiting I had been tinkering around with what became the opening. The bulk of the images were png or jpg but searched the drive for psds, thankfully there were a handful of really nice images that were Photoshop files and had layers so I didn’t have to cut out every individual element. Didn’t save me from having to do a good amount of work on each of em but it was a good start.

Not to get too technical but for those who care I’ll just dissect the opening with the spaceships, the image was separated to 7 layers. From back to front it was the red sky background, the planet, the smaller ships that are moving to the right, the medium sized ship moving to the left, two layers of the foreground ship. and then a solid black on top of that just for the fade in and out (sometimes using solid black media over other media is easier than fading in or out with the imagery itself). All the layers started out with just a beginning keyframe and an ending, each keyframe containing the movement and scale, things moving forward got slightly bigger, things moving backward slightly smaller. With that roughed in added a couple more keyframes to give the foremost a jump in speed, duplicated that track and added a liner blur on the bottom one. Totally worked and probably could have stopped there but ended up going in and having everything else behind it get a little liner blur and move backward just a little to emphasize the “light speed” feel I was going for. Also should mention that there are 27 sound effects, including the music bed, in that short 5 seconds.

The rest you can probably more or less guess as to how it was done based on the previous, most of ya probably figured out what went on in the edit before I said a word but I do like to hear myself talk. Speaking of hearing myself talking, before messing with the text/bullet points I thought I’d give the script a chance and record a VO. Partly because if it worked it would lend a bit more structure, the other part being that since I liked the way the animated graphics were turning out so much that I didn’t want to divert the viewer’s attention away from them by forcing them to read.

So I really do dig just about every little “scene” in this short clip but one of the things I was especially kinda proud of is the moment when the camera pulls back from the shot of the princess to reveal the phone and a bit of gameplay. Took a bit to come up with a way to try to convey the message that it can be played on a mobile device without losing the story or flow of the rest of it.

42 graphic elements spread over 35 video tracks with a variety of masks, effects, and countless keyframes, 61 sound effects on 36 audio tracks, many reversed, distorted, eq’d, and reverbed.

Beyond that can only say that they have some frikkin INCREDIBLE artists and it was an absolute blast playing around with em to try to bring them to life.

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