Hi everybody,

this is our first test with the Sony FS-700.

The flickering will be the first thing You notice, when watching this video - but to calm You down:

this happens, when You shoot super-slowmo @50fps and conform the footage to 25p in post - NEVER do that, as the camera-processing seems to be really optimized for the output-framerate you dial in.

Maybe I didn´t read it in any review or didn´t read carefully enough.

Neverless - to get the most out of the Sony FS-700 in terms of slow motion, stay at 24/25p while slecting 240/200fps and you´ll be in most cases fine. Playing back this footage at 50fps will not show up that unhealthy amount of flickering.

What I really like about the camera:

- it is simply the most feature-packed and versatile videocamera in that pricerange!!! Without any competition!
- clean and detailed picture with robust processing for colorgrading in post
- very nice lowlight capability
- very flexible (PAL/NTSC-swithable - 24/25/30/50/60 fps unlike the C100/C300 for example)
- Super-SLOWMOTION without sensor-cropping!:
100/120fps to 200/240fps @ FullHD and just a little bit resolution-loss

What I don´t like:

- only 8Bit
Hopefully the upcoming firmware-upgrade will bring at least 10bit HD-SDI-output for affordable recording options! IF NOT: I´ll see the tear running down my cheek :-(

- Weight and the formfactor are miles away from the comfort, using a dslr or mirrorless camera
I AM A BIG FAN OF MOBILITY AND MINIMALISM - I wish the GH3 would have a a real super-slowmo in it!
With the FS-700 movcam-rig and the 16-50mm Sony 2.8 this Baby will bring about 4,5kg on the scale - having a problem with the steadycam-options within my price-range...any recommendations?

- Even though I think the grain looks nice: the BITRATE should be higher
(maybe with a future-upgrade) to get an even more filmlike grain and more robust footage for colorgrading

- tooooo many knobs and buttons for my taste

- a fast 2.8 zoomlens with a focal range from about 16-100mm is really missing (is it so hard to build?)

- the 4K-Option seems more like joke! Sorry but did You already see the unaffordable 4K-setup?

- most other things have already been said


What is a Camera with 8 BIT video-processing and slowmo?
"It is something like a flexible and fast-running donkey."

What is a camera with10/12 BIT recording and without slowmo?
"It is a big galloping horse in all it´s glory but not willing to run ;-)"

Yes I know: it´s the artist, not his tool, who paints the picture...

....a better tool will definately benefit You as it expands Your creative possibilities (take a look at how beautifully You can for example color-grade RAW-footage from the Black Magic Cinema Camera!!!) -

But let´s be honest: how many of Your clients will be disappointed if you use your camera right? or say: "This doesn´t look like an Alexa!"

When "testing" is over, you´ll have the story in focus - believe me...

Thanks for watching and sorry for the flickering ;-)

Music by M83.

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