*edit- he now has a name! Meet "Crumb" the little toaster-ling.*

This is a little (as yet un-named) thing for my next VFX assignment at AIE. The assignment requires us to combine 3D elements with filmed footage, so I decided to make a small robot/alien thing and have it wonder around my kitchen. The finished design will be coloured to match my alarmingly blue toaster and kettle.

This is just to show the model off, I like the ZBrush Sketch shaders and thought it made the fact that it was so low poly a good thing visually, rather than it looking unfinished. The creature was built in Maya with ZBrush adjustments, with the exception of the face which was sculpted in ZBrush and Q-Remeshed.

Concept images on my blog! (rebeccalyonswright.blogspot.com/)

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