A friend long ago once said, if there is only one mantra you ever learn, Teyata Om Bekanze is the one that is the most important. Well, I am not totally comfortable with the word important, I think what he meant is that is is valuable, helpful, and it brings your attention and awareness into a place that can do a lot of good, especially if you are suffering, or just having the usual normal difficulties of being human on this planet.
I like to add words of my own to the mantras I do, to tell what it is about. This one is about taking responsibility for one's own inner realities, body mind and soul. The key is to heal your heart. That is where the true power of healing is found. Do not go passive and expect some other being to do the work for you. Do not bow down to some being outside yourself. Find the energy in yourself. It is in there. The image of Medicine Buddha just shows you, it is a mirror of your higher healing self, and that is a part of something cosmic, universal, we all share in this.
Some time ago I posted a shorter edit of this on YouTube. This is the long version, and I have re-edited that to make it even more magical and beautiful, focusing on the power of colors, rainbows and light beams. Look at his medicine bowl, light shines and radiates out from it.
I am playing my singing bowls and harps, the music was recorded by me in about 2009.

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