Best viewed in HD with scaling off.

We made this video for The Working Man, an upstart skate label out of Los Angeles.

The client and I both love how repetitive and rhythmic sounds are when riding a skateboard down the street and I tried to capture that for this video by making a little beat set to skateboard sounds. The shots are grouped into a set of 4, and each set is bonded by a common visual element whether it's a pattern, color, certain shape or theme; and this repeats itself over and over. To further reinforce this sense of repetition, the camera is always from the top view, side view, top view and front view; and this keeps repeating as well.

Shot on a Sony FS700 using the Tokina 11-16 mostly. A few shots with the Canon 24mm LII f1.4 and the Canon 100mm L Macro IS f2.8.

Skater = Tadashi Suzuki
The dude behind the camera and computer = Gene Sung

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