My 2008 demo reel shows what Voyager 1 could see as it sped past Saturn in November of 1980.

Throughout the animation, the camera's path matches Voyager's. In the first scene, we appear to be on a collision course with Titan. Voyager 1 was sent perilously close to Saturn's largest moon in the hope that its cameras might penetrate Titan's thick atmosphere.

Shortly after the encounter with Titan, Tethys emerges from behind Saturn. In the animation, it's a mere dot traveling toward the upper left of the frame. The animation then follows Mimas as it flies across the face of Saturn.

The animation ends on what is probably the most famous Voyager 1 imagery, its parting view of Saturn. After this, its planetary mission finished, Voyager 1 left the plane of the solar system on a path to interstellar space.

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