Shot, edited and directed by Łukasz Śródka / Sound and production: Valeria Cocco / Music: Sławomir Olszewski, Joanna Kaczmarek, Maciej Śródka, Maciej Bill / Poland 2013, 23’

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„850 °C. The glass of Tomasz Urbanowicz” – after „Urzulei” already a second short documentary by Łukasz Śródka and Valeria Cocco – is a story about the artistic vision of one of the most intriguing European creators of large format architectural glass. From architectural studies in communist Wroclaw and rejecting a position at a national designing office, through system transformation period and first experiments with the glass, until international success and eliminating construction and throwing his glass in the air – this film is trying to grasp Tomasz Urbanowicz’s vision of the essence of not only his own creativity, but creativity and art in general.

Glass is complicated – enigmatic and full of contradictions. It might be hard or soft, strong or fragile, warm or cold, transparent or not. For Tomasz Urbanowicz glass is a living creature. The very sense of this relationship more than anything else expresses itself in a characteristic peculiarity of his work: a handmade cast gets destroyed while a glass work is being taken out from the kiln. Each glass work by Tomasz Urbanowicz is therefore absolutely unique.

„850 °C. The glass of Tomasz Urbanowicz” is an independent, low-budget documentary that on February 21st premiered in Kino Nowe Horyzonty (New Horizons Cinema, one of the biggest auteur movie theatres in Europe). The extraordinary soundtrack has been composed by young local artists.

Should you want to know more on Tomasz Urbanowicz's work, visit his website:

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