Aerial Precision Ag is providing producers an easy to fly drone creating video and photo images for precise farming operations, documentation and planning. With ready to fly kits, creating aerial images of your crops is easy, fast and finally affordable.

What is APA?

APA (Aerial Precision Ag) is an integrated aerial platform giving producers an easy to fly drone providing video and photo images to scout crops making their farming operations more precise and better managed. The advantage of aerial imagery is giving producers immediate access to a birds-eye-view of their crops to determine crop growth, plant health, herbicide / insecticide application windows, water management as well as documented crop production.

What is the drone?

The drone is a multirotor platform that is ready to fly, packaged with a waterproof/crushproof case. The kit includes the drone platform, landing gear, gimbal and HD Camera along with batteries, charger and radio transmitter. The drone flies at an altitude of 400 feet and has a distance reaching 2 miles. The data is captured onto a card in the camera and transfers directly over to a computer for immediate review and storage. The camera is stabilized using servos and gyroscopes in the multirotor brain allowing for vibration free video and clean photos.

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