A dissertation film from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Sparsh, drama, is about Bhaskar who is out to kill his wife after she elopes with her lover.

The film deals with the paradox of patriarchy. Where even men have become victims along with the women. Even men are subjugated to certain rules that are supposed to define masculinity. Regressive demands require men to be aggressive, violent and sexually virile.

Here Bhaskar is everything that a man is not supposed to be in a patriarchal society. He is timid, soft spoken and above all,averse to sexual contact. Whether he is homosexual or impotent is never known. It is not important. Bhaskar is an individual who is lost in a desperate bid to reclaim his masculinity for he has been pushed to the edge by his society for not being "man" enough.

What will Bhaskar do, once he finds Sangeeta, his wife? Will he avenge his humiliation, his masculine ego? Or will he find forgiveness and rise above the burden that masculinity has become?

P.S: The film is meant purely for academic purpose.

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