Will Fortanbary's Demo Reel for 2013.

Twitter: twitter.com/WillFortanbary
Facebook: facebook.com/will.fortanbary

List of Videos and use:
Made by me, specifically for DEMO REEL 2013
Made in AE CS6

Animated by me, I did not model this. I animated it and sent it through some color correction in After Effects. Animation done in C4D with the Vray Plugin enabled. Made for purposes of learning

Modeled and Animated by me for purposes of learning. I also sent it through a color correction in Afetr Effects.
Animation done in C4D.

Organic Shape:
Modeled and animated by me - using textures and the plugin Element 3D from Video CoPilot.

Super Jump:
Filmed and edited by me, Video FX also done by me. Made in After Effects CS5, using elements from Action Essentials. Actor: Will Decker

Space Meteor:
Animated and composited by me. Made for purposes of learning

Earth Render:
Made using element 3D and optical flares. Made for learning purposes.

Light Strokes:
Made using trapcode particular and composited in After Effects. Made for learning purposes. Actor: Cody Buffkin

Goofball Animation:
Made for learning purposes, used Photoshop, and After Effects to create and animate the character. used Trapcode for the smoke trail.

Ocean Render:
Render and composited entirely in After Effects. Made for learning purposes.

Jesus In our City:
Render made in C4D, for churches. Made using Grayscale Gorilla's City Kit

USC Bucket list:
Made entirely in After Effects with elements from VFXBro's Fresh pack. Made for the University of South Carolina's Student Government.

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