The Dumb Man was written by Sherwood Anderson.

Read by Alex Wilson from Telltale Weeky and the Spoken Alexandria Project.

Music: Artist – Falling You
Album – Touch
Title – Reading the Leaves (by moonlight)
Label – Magnatune Records

Other credits listed at the end of the movie.

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Screenings etc

Miami Mini Animation Festival, Miami, USA, 2009
PlanetArt - Dadamachinima, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009
FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, Sau Paulo, Brazil, 2009
Goethe & Digital Art Convention, Johannesburg , South Africa, 2009
Academy of Arts and Sciences (AMAS) New York, USA, 2008 (Nominated for 2 awards - "Best Independent" and "Best Visual Design" )
Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge, UK, 2008
DragonCon Festival, Atlanta, USA, 2008
Festival De Creativita - Creative Arts Festival, Florence, Italy, 2008
Bitfilm, Berlin, Germany 2008
PlanetArt, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2008

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