Short version.

(In order of appearance)

Jamie is a writer and reporter who currently lives in Chicago. She maintains the blog "Stuff Queer People Need to Know". We met in Atlanta, GA at Creating Change.

George reminisces about growing up in a coal mining town in rural Appalachia.

Kate* goes to school in Santa Fe, NM, but is studying in NYC for a semester.

Lucas's story especially stood out to me. He grew up in Argentina, but left when he was 15 years old. He returned in 2003, but his accent was no longer that of the area he is from. He felt reverse culture shock. Recently, he lost his job and is moving to New York City to start over again. We met on the train from Newark, NJ to Penn Station in Manhattan. After departing the train, we walked together until 8th Ave and 29th St and have continued to stay in touch through email.

C. also goes to school in Santa Fe, NM and is studying photography in NYC this semester. We met online and he hosted me when I visited New York.

*Name changed

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