Song: The Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness

Shot over a single night around some of the less salubrious alleyways of London’s Soho, Midnight Madness follows a goblin-like homunculus as he emerges from a bin at midnight, cavorts around the alley and then leaps up the wall ascending to a rooftop. Further frolicking then brings him into the famous Astoria, where he performs briefly on stage before hitching a ride on a passing police car back to his bin.

There were four performers used for the promo. Three of them were human, each an expert at a particular skill –parkour, popping/hip-hop and break dancing. Castings for the roles were held internationally in Paris as well as London. The most dangerous stunts – shinning up drainpipes, leaping from rooftop to window ledge, for example – were handed over to a digital double who’s movements were created and animated based on choreographed movement recordings of the parkour runner in the gymnasium.

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