The Herald Angel Award, Total Theatre Award (shorlist), Dancer of the Year and Light Design Award at Czech Dance Platform

Dedicated to Muhammad Ali and all the fighters around us: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see.” - Muhammad Ali

A hypnotic wave of voice and sound by Lenka Dusilová and power dance by Markéta Vacovská converge in a single moment in the boxing ring. This new multi-genre project by the acclaimed Spitfire Company deals with the themes of fighting, exhaustion, the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, and collapse.

Concept, Directed by: Petr Boháč / Choreography, Dance: Markéta Vacovská / Music, Vocals: Lenka Dusilová / Scenography: Petr Boháč, Jeník Bubal / Light Design: Martin Špetlík / Producers: Aneta Kafková, Jeník Bubal /

Production: Studio Damúza o.s., Bezhlaví o.s.
Co-producers: UFFO – SCT, Experimental Venue Roxy / NoD

Theatre Events of 2012 (Vladimír Hulec, Divadelní noviny / Theatre Times)
"A merging of these two figures with the half-improvised sound generated by a synthesizer and Lenka Dusilová's vocals and with Markéta Vacovská's extremely physically challenging performance loaded with imaginative movement and abstract physicality that unearths the existential depths of the human body and psyche."

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