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Since the early ’60s, Social and Experimental Psychology Research that has taught us a great deal about the nature of persuasion in human psychology.

In recent years, there’s been a flurry of books and articles on the subject - after all, persuasion is part of the elusive magic recipe for success in business. What’s been lacking, however, is a selection of case studies that give a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the context of human-computer interaction.

This is exactly where Rob Gillham’s talk picks up. Rob will give a talk covering the underpinning Psychological research and insights from HFI’s own research findings.

Rob’s talk involves a 1 hour sneak peak into HFI’s ‘Psychology, Emotion & Trust’ training course, normally only available for paying customers.

Rob Gillham is a Project Director at Human Factors International (HFI), the world’s largest UX consultancy with offices in UK, US, Germany, India, China and Singapore.

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