"A Man/Woman Is A Lovesome Thing" is the first single from Host Skull's Black Mark to be released on Host Skull Ongoing Box/Wild Kindness Records on 9/3/13. Pick up the 180-gram vinyl, lasercut package CD, or download here! hostskull.bandcamp.com/

Directed and Edited by David Bernabo
Choreography/Dance by: Maree ReMalia, Jil Stifel, Taylor Knight, Anna Thompson, Beth Ratas, David Bernabo
Music by Host Skull (this track: David Bernabo, Will Dyar, Brandon Masterman)

A bit about the filming technique: All the vocal and dance sequences were shot and then projected onto a beige piece of paper, which was re-filmed. The paper was flapped and shifted by hand.


Download the single + a b-side track at bandcamp: hostskull.bandcamp.com/album/a-man-woman-is-a-lovesome-thing-single

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