One Great Night, A Tribute To Terry Ross:
A short portion of the event where Terry took the stage, the spotlight, and everyone's love by singing an amazing song he & his wife heard while he was at the Mayo Clinic being sung by the talented songwriter Jon Vezner.

Terry has been dealing with cancer in different forms, and chemotherapy in various battles against it for just over four years. The tribute was organized to raise money to benefit T.R. & his family as the bills remain ongoing with his treatment.

A while ago when i had the pleasure of running into him at the store. He had mentioned to me he had found this song while attending a concert in Rochester while at the Mayo. And he said he was working on being able to have it ready to play for the event so that he may share how beautifully touching it is.

And it it touched all in attendance.

We love you Terry, and you are truly a great one in all of our hearts.

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