In this competitive nature free trial, riders will walk 373 km. 11 stages in the area of UTNA, Dolpo high and low with an average altitude of about 4200m., feel at this time of year possible temperatures around -20 ° and +28, and save a positive cumulative altitude 17,286 m . and negative of 15,589 m.

They will be forced to descend deep depressions, riverbeds go by highlands, crossing numerous mountain passes where the Niwar will reach 5550m, crossing frozen rivers without bridges, firm tread different paths with aggressive, skirting precipices at risk of falling into them , .... All this in a mountain environment in the purest state in the mountains of Nepal can find.

The hard region north of the central massif of the Himalayas, "northwest of Dhaulagiri", makes this place frozen in time, an arid area in height, where the view is lost horizons full of mountains, while also give us the satisfaction of walking and wooded places to behold something as wonderful as the Phoksundo lake with its intense turquoise blue dazzling and unchanging with the passing of time.

The hostility of the terrain makes survival tough, this limits the presence of villages, all of Tibetan culture in this region remain from the beginning. The harshness of this land with its inhabitants curries values distrust and hospital recently. This does not make them any better or worse than others, just cautious in their decisions. Consequently riders live for thrills which must be prepared.

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