Audio by Joy Division - From Safety to Where

One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. I generally like to put some kind of sound over these things but this one was a bit more difficult. I could have put the cliche heavy metal or punk track over it but that shit is corny. I went through a lot of tracks and ultimately just decided to throw a song from a band I really like over it and call it done.

1 photo every second for a little over an hour leaving me with 4,042 frames.

I debated even putting this up. The original frames were 3504x2336 so I decided to crop around my arm area due to me looking like a crazed bobble head doll. So here is the cropped version which is more importantly why I even asked Marco to let me shoot it. Thanks Marco, I know the shutter sound clicking every second on top of that needle buzz was out of the norm :)

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