Our lives are filled with daily stressors like sitting at desks, driving, working on computers, watching TV; even toxic food and emotional chaos contribute to the poor movement patterns seen in the average human. We’ve progressively become less active and this change for the worse has placed us into environments that are pushing our species away from its natural design and the flourishing state of health we deserve.

We have clear indicators that our body requires much more and different types of movement than are currently considered "normal" for the average person.

The problem is people are confused.  With so many so-called experts out there advocating everything from, long distance running, to bodybuilding and CrossFit, how do you know what to do?  What is optimal?  What types of exercise are going to get you the best results the fastest?

Move By Design was created with this in mind, to help overcome the confusion. To provide a simple, yet effective program (that won't require you to spend 2 hours in the gym everyday) to fulfill your body's movement requirements and help you get lean, strong and fit.

Join the movement on Thursday, March 7th @ 7pm at Free Form Fitness (Kanata Location) for our comprehensive Move By Design Seminar when we'll share best practices and the most effective framework for restoring your mobility, gaining strength, and getting fit.

Make sure you wear clothes that you can move in as this is a hands on workshop.

You can register by calling 613.271.8555 or online bookwhen.com/p35m8/201303071900/ru3.

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