Introductory trailer for Anomaly 2, a post-apocalyptic tactic game from 11 Bit Studios. Conceived and created by HYDRA.

Story - Benedykt Szneider, Łukasz Kratyński
Storyboard - Benedykt Szneider
Character Concept - Benedykt Szneider, Jakub Rebelka
Background Art - Benedykt Szneider
Animation - Arek Zawada, Łukasz Kratyński
Compositing - Łukasz Kratyński
Postproduction and FX - Łukasz Kratyński
Coloring - Benedykt Szneider
Sound - Krzysztof Lipka, Benedykt Szneider
Title design and animation - Piotr Niklas
Directed by Benedykt Szneider

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