"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Investing in health is a step towards solving short term problems and offering long term solutions. The Bright Funds Health Fund is working to improve health around the world by taking on fundamental health challenges in the United States and abroad.

Nonprofits in the Bright Funds health fund are tackling health challenges in a number of ways: eradicating disease, providing vaccines and critical medications, and educating people on best health practices.

To best improve health all over the world, we built our multi-faceted Bright Funds Health Fund with four vital components.

==Care and Treatment
To ensure the sick everywhere receive the treatment they need, organizations in this group supply the infrastructure and tools necessary for quality medical attention. These resources include hospitals, clinics, medical equipment and medication, and also the doctors, nurses and health care workers required to administer sufficient treatment . This way, quality care and treatment are brought to those who need it most.

==Understanding and Awareness
Good health begins with an understanding--an understanding how to mitigate common risks and maintain healthy habits. Educating people how to prevent and protect against disease is critical to enabling individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nonprofits in this group are working to spread the word about the most pressing health issues of our time, so that everyone is well-equipped to take care of themselves.

==Research and Health Innovation
New technologies have the ability to improve the lives of current and future generations. Whether it is a new medication or a cutting-edge medical device, these organizations are supporting the discovery of cures and the development of new medical tools.

==Eradication and Prevention of Disease
Some of the world’s deadliest disease can easily be prevented, yet many still suffer from these very illnesses that could be avoided or even eradicated. Whether these organizations are providing vaccinations for Polio or bug nets for malaria, they are saving the lives of millions of people by implementing these preventative measures.

Each investment in the Health Fund is an investment that yields safer and more effective treatment and prevention today while supporting the medical research and innovation for a healthier tomorrow.

Bright Funds: Global impact with local solutions.

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