Amrit + Sneha | Sindhi Wedding at Shangri-La Mactan Resort, Cebu Philippines

Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Amrit comes to the rescue.

We all have heard stories about couples who found their soul mates at a friend's wedding. And this is literally the scenario with our gorgeous couple from Dubai, Amrit and Sneha, but theirs is so magical and destined that it sounded so much like the love story in those Hollywood movies. They have quite an interesting love story. Definitely not the ordinary ones.

Amrit and Sneha make the acquaintance through Facebook when Amrit initiated to add Sneha to his friends list after knowing she is Rashmi's (Rashmi who is Sneha brother fiancé then) soon-to-be sister-in-law. And no one had expected that their acquaintance would blossom into something called "love", until they laid eyes again on Kunal (Sneha brother) and Rashmi (Amrit cousin sister) wedding. It was when they both danced together in the skit performance and that was how they fell in love with one another. It is as though we are watching a love story from the Bollywood movies... A brother wedding has match-made his sister's love destiny. And here we are at the beautiful resort -- Shangri-La Mactan Resort in Cebu, Philippines for their 3 days wedding celebration.

Amrit and Sneha has the most entertaining entrance at the Pirates of the Caribbean Youngster Party. They had everyone in awe and WOW!!! First, they arrived in a speed boat at the pier, and then Captain Amrit had to fight and defeat all the pirates in order to save his Princess… It was a great play and what a bizarre way to make an entrance! Definitely one of the best!

It was great and fun filming the wedding; we have a nice, kind-hearted, gorgeous and cooperative couple to work with and yet this is our second shoot with them (first shoot was their Love Story video that was filmed in Dubai), great families to work with -- the Adnani and Bhagnari families, and great seeing our very third Sindhi wedding couple -- Kunal and Rashmi (whose wedding where Sneha & Amrit fell in love) -- after filming theirs back in March 2011, great to work with the famous make-up artist from Mumbai -- Ojas -- whom we have worked together in few weddings in the past, and to meet and work with Rimjhim (the Dubai based wedding planner) again after two years. The couple has sought for all the best vendors in the indian wedding industry, from wedding planner to bartenders, make-up artist, photographer and cinematography team. Truly a great experience, again!

Last but not least, we ought to thank the Adnani and Bhagnari families for the generous and kind hospitality, and for having us to be apart of their big celebration. We had a wonderful shooting the newlywed and the close families and friends. Congrats again to Sneha and Amrit, and we love you both! We had a great time filming your concept love story in Dubai and your wedding in Cebu. Thank you for being you -- the wonderful couple.

And this is our closure for the 2012 / 2013 wedding season. The entire 2012/2013 peak wedding season has been awesome with many great fat and fun indian weddings from India to Philippines, Thailand and finally to United Arab Emirates; celebrating many wonderful weddings with awesome couples, seeing all the familiar faces of our past wedding couples and their families, all the great wedding vendors, visited many great wedding destinations and a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful Doodle team mates (Lester, Eddie, Look, King, Bee, Frankie and Nick). Certainly it is just the beginning of year 2013, and we are going to have lots more cool weddings at great places coming up later this year!

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