Testing a Standard Helios-44 against a Dog Schidt Optiks 'Flare Factory 58' (2x Oval).

Both lenses were used with the Century 16:9 Anamorphic Attachment.

*Helios -44 was set to f5.6
*Flare Factory 58 was a fixed 2x oval aperture of approx f4 which yielded slightly brighter yet not quite as sharp text on the close up text (the Century likes f5.6 for best results. The f5.6 2x oval aperture Flare Factory 58 is a great option if most work is done in lit or daytime exterior situations.

Camera settings were the same - flat profile. Both were subjected to exactly the same slight grading to bring back some contrast.

Both look lovely. But the Flare Factory 58 boasts the oval aperture which is not normally present when using the Century or LA7200 type anamorphic lenses on a normal lens.


The Flare Factory 58 in this test boasts deep and sparse optical element imperfections which present themselves clearly on the oval aperture bokeh during the focus pull test. This attribute also lowers overall contrast of the lens. Additionally the Aperture features the 'Glow' option which creates additional internal reflections within the taking lens which result in interesting artifacts and a low contrast look when a light source is presented in shot.

Check our albums of various lens tests vimeo.com/meltingbloke/albums which try to illustrate each configuration used in a variety of situations. If you are interested in a particular combination and want to see the results before purchase please contact us and we will try to shoot some sample footage for you!

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