Another video notebook, my first from Chile's Carretera Austral, just over a dozen quick & simple scenes from the devastated town of Chaitén, Chile.

In May 2008 the Chaitén Volcano in southern Chile woke from a 9,370-year slumber. Over the course of its month-long eruption, it blew a column of ash and hot gases nearly 31 kilometers into the sky and spewed ash as far as Buenos Aires, 2,000 kilometers away.

Half of the town of Chaitén, which sits 10 kilometers to the southwest, was destroyed. Most of the damage came after the main eruption when the Blanco River, swollen with rain and volcanic material, flooded its banks. Five years later, much of the destruction remains, rendering parts of Chaitén a seaside ghost town.

A bit more info and several photos are on my blog her:

Endnote: In late January 2013, I embarked on a 14-month jaunt around the globe, starting in the southernmost reaches of Argentine Patagonia. I'll be uploading vidnotebooks whenever I cross paths with a decent internet connection.

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