With today's dizzying array of mobile phone and tablet screen sizes, web designers have struggled to keep up with the ever-changing dimensions of each new iteration. In the past, designers only had to think about a standard size for the desktop PC and along came the mobile smartphone -- which required a "little brother" website to accomodate consumers wanting adequate access on the go. Then came the tablet and mucked up the design works even more. Adding insult to injury, now there are a zillion different sized tablets and mobile phones to give any web designer a mega-migraine.

To save the day, along came a new design model called responsive web design that eliminates the need to design multiple websites for multiple screen sizes. Responsive is essentially one template that molds to any size screen, which cuts way down on the time and costs for today's multi-screen layouts. You only have one pliable layout to maintain now.

What does this mean for credit unions? Well, we invited the guys from L9, Spencer Pryce and Jason Powell, to tell us all about responsive web design and why it's so important for credit unions to incorporate this technology for their multi-channel members who access their accounts via PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Very timely information if you value your online presence -- and you should in today's "always-on" world. Don't miss this episode.


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