Shot List:

1. Dog "fidget" animation - Flash
2. Dog "walk cycle" animation - Flash
3. Star animation - Photoshop & Flash
4. Star animation - In-game - Optimized in Flash
5 & 6. Scroll animation - Photoshop & Flash
7. Scroll in-game - optimized in Flash
8. Meerkat Animation in jungle. Animated in After Effects.
9. V1 Rough Fight animation - conceptualize animation so it's limited - focus on effects allowing for smaller footprint in-game.
10. V2 - Cleaned line drawings for effects. Given as guide to vendor to create in 3D.
11. V3 - Supervise 3D animation - optimize frames - keyframe individual frames to match timing of my concept - I also cleaned up the Flash effects to give a better idea of how the effects need to be timed.
12. V4 - My Flash animation effects were used as a mask for in-house created effects. I worked with the artist to make sure art direction was correct. Final effects inside the mask were created by Chang Dai. I setup the effects in movie clips, scaled, masked and hand animated parts of the fight sequence to match concept.
13. Sphinx Ray Concept - proof of concept - goal was to work with a programmer and have some assets created progmatically.
14. I created the effects on "main playfield" for accumulating symbol. I animated the columns that move off the stage. I animated the spark welding light that cuts the doors and opens. i animated and setup the "SPIN" button in Flash. I animated the Sphinx glowing eyes, the charge blast and created the lightning effects around the center card. The turning carousal was created all programmatically using effects inside each card I created. This was a first for our games utilizing art and programming to come together in a unique way. :D

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching!

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