Most developers know enough about refactoring to write code that's pretty good. They create short methods, and classes with one responsibility. They're also familiar with a good handful of refactorings, and the code smells that motivate them.

This talk is about the next level of knowledge: the things advanced developers know that let them turn good code into great. Code that's easy to read and a breeze to change.

These topics will be covered solely by LIVE CODING; no slides. We'll boldly refactor right on stage, and pray the tests stay green. You might even learn some vim tricks as well as an expert user shows you his workflow.

Topics include:
* The Open-Closed Principle
* The types of coupling, and their dangers
* Why composition is so damn great
* A powerful refactoring that Kent Beck refers to as "deep deep magic"
* How to destroy conditionals with a NullObject
* The beauty of the Decorator pattern
* Testing smells, including Mystery Guest and stubbing the system under test
* The stuff from the last halves of Refactoring and Clean Code that you never quite got to :)

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