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In this video I will discuss
What is SAMe

SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine)
is an amino acid derivative
That is found in almost every
living cell of the human body
And is vital for cellular metabolism
6 to 8 grams of SAMe are produced daily from ATP and methionine
It is mostly made in the liver where it helps detoxify toxins
SAMe is critical for liver health, brain chemistry, cartilage production
And has far reaching therapeutic properties
SAMe is a co-factor in key biochemical reactions
And is required for methylation, synthesis of polyamines
And trans-sulfuration
(making cysteine, glutathione and other sulfur containing molecules)
No living material exists without sulfur compounds
SAMe has been compared to ATP in its importance to the human body
Because it is a methyl donor
Methylation is crucial
Because it allows the body to make
essential components like:
Phosphatidylcholine (which maintains cell membrane fluidity and function),
Glutathione (a key endogenous antioxidant
and detoxifier), nucleic acids (DNA & RNA),
Neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin and
norepinephrine), and proteins
SAMe raises glutathione and
acethylcholine levels
(Which improves cognitive function and protects against neurodegeneration)
Methylation regulates more than a
100 different processes in the body
Under-methylation can't be measured,
However, its insufficiency can be observed as:
Depression, birth defects, premature aging, cancer, chronic illness,
Cardiovascular, liver and neurodegenerative diseases
SAMe levels fall with age or sickness
This is believed to contribute to the aging process itself
Because it reduces methylation activity
Supplementing with folic acid, trimethylglycine
B6, B12 and SAMe itself is an effective method to overcome this deficiency
This combination is a potent anti-aging
And anti-disease therapy
that is non-toxic and mood enhancing
SAMe is most useful for depression,
neurodegeneration, arthritis, heart disease,
ANY liver diseases (including cancer)
And for those who wish to protect themselves against aging,
Elevate their mood
or increase their energy levels

In this video you have learned
What is SAMe and
Some of the things
for which it is good for


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