This is the second short documentary I set out to direct for the CLASE 2012 Seminar of Education in Mexico City. ( )

Clase 2012 is a national education event that showcases all the efforts that are being made in the country to improve educational practices without any help from the government. It shows that things CAN be done even in the poorest contexts.

This project is about "Tetsijtsilin" Telesecondary school in San Miguel Tzinacapan, Puebla. In México's rural areas, most people don't go through secondary school, and even less make it to college in the cities. Tetsijtsilin school is aware of that and created a different approach to indigenous education: a real intercultural educational system with a combination of formal and local knowledge. The outcome of this project is that, by acquiring local knowledge, customs, and traditions, all the kids that go through Tetsijtsilin are able to become change agents in their communities. They become answers to many of the community's issues and needs.

Thanks to Vivi Bustillos and Jaime Prieto from 35AM (Production house in Mexico City) for their total support and motivation throughout this whole process.

Hope you like it.

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