Trailer for the documentary: If I Die Tonight (2009)

A hard hitting film about racial profiling, police brutality and the system that allows these enigmas to exist and seen from both sides of an impenetrable divide. Let the dialog begin!

Formats: Predominantly digital. But multi-camera and multi-format just like the issue! Everything from Hi-8 to 16mm was utilized in the making of this film. Hundreds of hours of footage condensed into 92 powerful minutes, and it doesn't even begin to cover the entire issue.


Written and Directed by Seyi
Produced by Evelyn Palmer and Wende Kremer
Co-producer: Erin Stacey Visslailli
Associate Producer: Rochelle Fabb
Cinematography: Walter Gregg
Editors: Doug Forbes and Nola Schiff
Music by Seyi
Trailer edited by Tim Gregoire
RT: 92 Minutes

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