Granny Annie, a plump little old lady driving an invalid car, gets drawn into a road race with two bad boy racers in a pimped up, tuned up mean machine. But when push comes to shove, we see an unexpected side to Annie.

Music by Brainpower, based on his single Hing Hing Hing.

Full credits:

Direction, script & art direction: Daniel Dugour
Modeling, shading & animation: Daniel Dugour, Luuk Hendriks, Ralf Hekkenberg
Background artist: Job van Linden van den Heuvell
Producer: il Luster, Chris Mouw, Michiel Snijders, Arnoud Rijken
Original score: Brainpower
Sound design & audio producer: Avinash Changa
Voices: Daniel Dugour, Jet Alleman, Luuk Hendriks
5.1 Sound mix & mastering: Bob Kommer Studio’s, Jeroen Nadorp
Digital transfer: Nedcipro

With thanks to: René Stapel, Ronald Nadorp, Miranda Sloot

With special thanks to: Lot, Lyda, Elsje, Annie, Omi

This film was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund and Pathé

Brainpower - Hing, Hing, Hing (Score Version)
(G. J. H. Mulder)
Written, produced and performed by Brainpower in The Funk Suite, Amsterdam
Arranged by Brainpower and Avinash Changa in The Funk Suite Amsterdam
Stereo mix by Brainpower in The Funk Suite, Amsterdam
Published by Brainpower Publishing
Executive producer: Brainpower for LYRIC Recordings, 2012
Original version appears on LYRIC Recordings

copyright Lemonade/ il Luster Films 2012

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