I've been wearing the Carhartt Shoreline jacket around quite a bit and I've become a big fan of this jacket. Carhartt really packed in a lot of great features into this garment. For starters, my favorite part of the jacket are the sleeves. It seems like all my sleeves are either too long or too short. I like having them long enough to cover the back of my hand so when I reach for things the sleeves don't completely move up my arm. The problem with that is when you grab for things close by the sleeves are so long they cover your palm and you end up getting your sleeve caught between the item in your hand and your hand itself. Well Carhartt took that into consideration and the sleeve has been cut at an angle on the Shoreline jacket. When my arms are straight out the sleeves cover the back of my hand but don't interfere with my palms at all. It's the greatest innovation in a jacket that I've seen.

Carhartt also has a media pocket where you can put any kind of music device and run the headphones through a hold in the jacket and up through the collar to your ears. This is a great feature as more and more people are listening to music while they work and now you won't have a cord that gets in the way. It stays nicely tucked inside the jacket while you do your thing on the outside.

I also dig the hood on the Shoreline. It's big enough to fit a helmet under it to keep you warm on those breezy or cold days. You can also remove it easily as it snaps on around the collar of the jacket. The sleeves also have spandex as a cuff to keep them in place as you move your arms around. Nothing worse than having your sleeves move up your arm when you lift your arms.

All this is packed into a waterproof and breathable outer layer. It gives you plenty of room to layer under it so you can wear that sweatshirt and vest or insulated overalls. The price point is right at $140 MSRP so everyone can enjoy this jacket. It's great to have a jacket that is waterproof and breathable that will stand up to abuse and give you years of use while still looking good and being uber functional.


Carhartt Shoreline Jacket: goo.gl/kL9W0
More gear reviews: goo.gl/0x4zz

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