The Doctors Notes took the doctors notes of someone who was dead.
The notes from the grounds of a hospital undergoing demolition, I was there to generate a large scale installation in one of the wards.
Roaming around the grounds I discovered an out-building / a small shed - no roof.
In side was compact with brown files - Doctors Notes discarded.
Gathering up a box full I rescued people from the waste.

Working with one as a biographical sequencing system - I produced a solo performance.

On dying in a hospital you are given a half-hour before you are proclaimed 'Dead.'

For half-an-hour I generated a sequence of mapped actions.
When proclaimed dead I continued and went live.
The person who I was working with arrived into the hospital an alcoholic
by the time of their demise they were a drug addict, having been plied with a cocktail of uppers and downers.

I would drink two bottles of hard alcohol, whiskey or vodka.

Following a mapped pattern that was based on the final heart beat of the person who was now dead,
I would drink what has been laid out.

This was living within the near death.
It invited people to remember those who had died.
It's not theatre / the play was serious / it was live and living.

The Doctors Notes was performed several times in several locations.
This documentation is from NRLA 2001.
Filmed by Russell MacEwan.

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