This is the first attempt to make kind of a timelapse, I dont like it a lot but anyway is not very bad to be the very first real test.

There are two reasons which make me dislike a little the timelapse, the first one is that I made a mistake when shooting because all the pictures were a little overexposed in the sea, but fortunately I was shooting in RAW so I could fix it a bit. This overexposure is what made me think of post-processing the pictures with photomatix.

The second mistake was using a ND8 filter to reduce the amount of light and give the flowing effect to the waves, but as it turns out, the effect is not very beautiful in a time lapse.

Technical info:

Camera - Nikon D3000
Lens - 18 - 55 mm
Number of pictures - 161
Interval between two pictures - 6 sec
Software used - DSLR Remote (Android) + IR cable
Post-processing - Photomatix + Photoshop + After effects

All of this could not be possible without Miguel Angel de Furtos' help whose website is the following:

Thank you friend.

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