Concept intro piece inspired from Ben Swann - Full Disclosure

Video Sampled: - President Obama and President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico
-TheNewYorkTimes - Romney's Complete Concession Speech- Romney's Loses the 2012 Election
-CNBC - Bernanke- We Don't Have 'Tools' to Offset 'Cliff' Dive
-CNBC - Peter Schiff- Fed Will Keep Printing Money Until Economy Collapses 12-17-2012
-Varney Co. - Judge Napolitano on Welfare Recipients Taking Out Cash at Bars, Liquor Stores, and Strip Clubs
- CNN - Ron Paul at CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate 02-22-2012

Ben Swann Full Disclosure- The Man Who May Challenge Reince Priebus For RNC Chair

Ben Swann -Full Disclosure (FaceBook Cover Image)

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