This is the vertical format of the iPad digital publication I designed in 3 days during the "Digital Publication for the iPad" Practicum workshop taught by Roman Jaster and Justin Gier at CalArts. The publication features interactive elements including buttons, slideshows, image sequence, pan & zoom, web viewer, audio, scrollable content, and video.

This video was recorded using the Reflector App. Since the app cannot record finger movements, the below describes how I interacted with the publication from start to finish:
1. Swipe slowly left and right on the image.
2. Tap and swipe to right for 'About'
3. Tap 'About'.
4. Tap 'TTT' in the top left to reveal navigation.
5. Swipe down for next page of 'About'.
6. Swipe left/right on the images to cycle through slideshow.
7. Swipe down
8. Swipe down (can tap all links to open website).
9. Tap on 'Back to Top' button.
10. Swipe right for album information.
11. (Tap blue links to play music videos).
12. Swipe right to reveal Upcoming Shows.
13. Tap image, and pinch to pan and zoom.

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