Aaron + Tabitha. KyleAllenPhoto.com. Copyrighted 2012. Music by Imagine Dragons, Jack Johnson, Gaby Moreno, and Animal. Toronto, Canada.

From the bride:
We're really excited to be married. The wedding was just the beginning of our lifelong friendship.
Although I love Aaron, it's tradition to put your man to the test. My bridesmaids were the negotiators and Aaron and his groomsmen were put through some weird and unusual... I mean fun games. Is he flexible enough? Is he willing to walk through the different stages of love with me? Is he willing to provide? Only time would tell.
Honoring the elders in our family, we offer tea to each individual and couple. In return, they give us their blessings. It's a very special and intimate time between family members.
Bringing Christ into the center of the ceremony and our marriage was key to us. We chose to celebrate communion, a time of remembrance and celebration for what Christ has done,before the ceremony. We also wanted to remember Christ's servant heart toward us and model the same heart and willingness in our marriage.

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