A few words about the film:

This is a project my self and the creative music collective known as WITHOUT-i filmed all the way back in 2009. Originally we shot the material to include as projection videos during a scheduled live concert in the summer of 2009. Now after some years i decided to collect all the footage we shot and edit them together into one single film.

Mr-i intercepts an emergency transmission from planet-x in the lumiere system. Planet-X used to be a fertile planet but no more. Its atmosphere is radioactive and no living creature can survive...

Robert Difulvio - MRi
Alexis Charalambous - The Kid

Directed, Shot & Edited by
Andreas Kyriacou

Developed by
Andreas Kyriacou &

Music by
Julien Miri

Music Performed by

WITHOUT-i are:
Julien Miri,
Robert Difulvio,
Seth Mehl,
Chris Malapitan

*Filmed with the Sony-A1 in Cyprus and edited on Mars.

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