The crew ( me, my brother Andrea and Matteo) were going to get a little trip in Ticino, just 3 days, but we were sooo psyched the same.
DAY 1 we were able to crush some classics, my brother sent in an hours Willemberg dach 8a, a really cool horizontal roof with a super toe hook and body tension moves. Then we moved to Serre moi fort, a special line for me, brushed and made by one of the most importante developer of the bouldering history, Fred Nicole, so Matteo sent quickly the stand start 7b and me too the sit start! :) YESS. To finished the first day we went to try a great dyno just to right of "le cliques a claques" , we reach the problem when was still light and I sent it when was dark, tooooo many triessss! :) ahah Cool Jump...
DAY 2 The fingers were already a bit destroyed, but we put some tapes and we started climbing again, the second day was beginning.
Matteo crushed "the aviator" 6c+, "los cursos" 7a (flash) and he was so close to made the pocket problem that could be his first 7c.
Andrea flashed the pocket problem 7c
Marco made Souvenir 8a
DAY 3 Matteo destroyed her fingers on "numer one" and he stopped climbing, for me was still a great day and I sent quickly 3°Cane 8a and The real shield 7c and than i call it day. :)
Instead Andrea made the last boulder of the trip, Tarzan 7b+.

Enjoy it !!

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8-03-2013 Updating
A friends of mine told me that i didn't get the real souvenir but the variant, i'm so sorry for the error, so the video of Souvenir is a fake. :( But i think that souvenir is a set boulder, one of the best thing of rock climbing is that you can climb a line with different beta, the holds are so near ( the left undercling and the vertical crimps) could be exist just one lines the most logical. :) I didn't feel the variant as 7b, i felt it harder and i think this because I took the same with the right hand before to the sloper and then the pocket. But STOP speaking, Souvenir is a great problem the same :) This is my thought !!

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