Finally! After a summer of working on and off the project, making character designs, making rough animatics, staying up for hours on end, I've completed a new animation! This is pretty big for me because I've been off an on a lot of projects this year. And this is my first really complete one since school ended, so yeah!

ANYWAY, about the animation. This is a music video commissioned to me by a gal named Celeste Starchild ( a DC-based musician with a beautiful voice and a fondness for dark humor. Her song "The Witch is Dead" being a prime example of such. Dark humor being right up my alley, it seemed like a perfect match. After months of sending ideas, rough animation, and character designs between each other, we finally have a complete video.

Animation was completed in Flash, except a few shots made in After Effects.

Since she wants to have an "official" posting on her account and stuff, let's just call this my portfolio posting.


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