Could you be more profitable without knowing it?

We know time is money. From paying the employee who did the work, to billing the customer for whom the work was performed. But are you using eTime in the best possible way to schedule and maximize your profitability?

There may be money lying on the floor, it's just in the dark... and understanding the in's and out's of rates will provide the light.

If you are in payroll, finance, billing, or need to manage costs as a scheduler, join us for a 30 minute exploration of rates and walkaway knowing how to analyze your profitability.

We'll cover...
- Pay rates and billing rates
- Where rates are defined in eTime
- What determines whether your employees are paid the same rate or different rates
- Type of rates
- Simple rates vs. Combination rates
- Rate effective dates - rates have a lifespan
- Overtime rules, thresholds, and rate factors
- Allowances and premiums
- Statutory holidays
- Transferring hours and rate information to the payroll program or billing program
- Reports: payroll, billing and profitability

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