Our 38 children are currently living in a provisional shelter and urgently need a new house.

We are Ayitimoun Yo, a small NGO and the only one working with street children the South-East of Haiti.
It all started two years ago, when Lucia Lantero and Alexis Derache came to Anse-a-Pitre (Haiti) and confronted with the horrible situation faced by the street children in this area, decided to stay and take care of them. Since then all our effort has been directed to providing these children with shelter, food, education and much needed attention. Today 38 street children live under our supervision and 40 other underprivileged children from the village benefit from the schooling that we provide, for we also created the only free public school in this region. Besides integrating a training in sustainable agriculture into the curriculum of our children, we have also started an agricultural project in collaboration with Kokopelli, which gives training in planting and seed saving to local mothers.
So far only supported by family, friends and volunteers our organisation has managed to endure and even thrive in this very complicated border area. Due to unforeseeable circumstances we now fear that our project might be coming to an end. For this reason we are launching a desperate message, we need your help!

The village of Anse-a-Pitre is located just at the border with the Dominican Republic. The extreme poverty in this area forces many children to leave their country in search for a better live in the neighbouring city of Pedernales (Dominican Republic). However, many of these children end up on the street where they are exposed to extreme violence and even organised crime such as child slavery and organ trafficking.


We have achieved so much through donations from an incredible network of family and friends, but now we are facing our biggest challenge which goes beyond our financial capacities and we urgently need your help:

Having rented a house for our children since the beginning of our project, an extreme rise in the rent-price forced us to leave this house a few weeks ago. Since then, we are living with our children in a provisional shelter, which we have to leave by September 2013. Until then, we have to find the funds to buy a piece of land and build a new home for the children of Ayitimoun Yo.

It is very simple, if we fail, the children will undoubtedly return to the streets and all that we have accomplished until now will merely be a memory for them. If we succeed, we will keep this dream alive and the children will have a future.

Please find more information about us on our website: en.tihaiti.org or Facebook facebook.com/pages/Ayitimoun-Yo-ONG/140587235999243?fref=ts

We have found a suitable land and Architects Without Borders have supported us with a construction plan for the orphanage that meets all the requirements for the safeguarding of our children. We only need the money to realise it.

Even though we are fundraising here fore 45, 000 US$, the completion of the whole project will require around 65,000 US$. We are not asking for the full budget since we fear that not reaching it would mean paying a higher percentage for this crowd-funding service. Still, if we reach the goal of 45,000$, we will be able to buy the land and build the most important structures to shelter our children. However, the more funds we receive, the more we can realise our construction plan.

- Please spread the word!
- Many of our friends and supporters organise little fundraising events. All these events will be posted on our Facebook page and Indiegogo profile so that everyone sees that we really put all our efforts into this campaign.
- We are always looking for qualified volunteers to help us directly in Haiti.

contact: c.vonhartmann@gmail.com

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