"Orion's Gate" By SEAY from the CD "1 Voice"

Extraordinary vocalist and composer Seay and her evocative piece Orion's Gate. We are all made from the stars, a journey through our solar system, out into the universe... "I've spent most of my life looking up at the stars wondering what it would be like to travel through the universe and to a heavenly place. I had a dream one night where I was standing on a rock in the middle of the galaxy, that dream has never left me and inspired me to write "Orion's Gate" singing hundreds of vocals to create this heavenly place.. I hope you enjoy this video. "Orion's Gate" is a very special journeying piece of music, one that will transport you to a place of peace. I sometimes can't believe this piece came through me, but maybe we're all just messengers anyway" Seay

About Seay
“As rare and unique as an identical snowflake and more haunting than a scream in space”, “evocative and extraordinary”, are but some of the descriptions that make up the remarkable sound of Seay. Originating evocative vocals, lush orchestration, and intricate compositions, the beauty of Seay's spectacular voice and music will dazzle your senses. Her album “1 Voice”, was named one of the top 10 releases of the year on the World New Age chart. Her music a regular addition on Sirius Spa and Music Choice Soundscapes. Your spirit will soar with Seay and her album "1 Voice".

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