What it's About

Fast, precise, and affordable surface modeling for the design process. Up until recently, the creation of high-quality, technically flawless surfaces used to be the exclusive domain of high-end systems. VSR broke this barrier.

VSR Shape Modeling provides outstanding quality, performance, and possibilities available to a broader range of users at substantially lower costs on the basis of Rhino 3D.

The webinar is free and lasts about about 1 hour, including the Q & A session.

Who is Presenting

Michael Günther-Geffer has a degree in mathematics, and more than 10 years experience in testing, supporting and demonstrating CAD software. Before starting to work for Virtual Shape Research two years ago, he was involved in the development of ICEM Surf and ICEM Shape Design/Catia ICEM, a Catia workbench.

Where to Get Product Info

For more info about VSR Shape Modeling 2.0, visit our product page on the Novedge website at:

Follow us on Twitter at

For answers to questions asked in this Novedge Webinar, visit our blog!

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