'Cloud Cover' by Amarta Project, taken from the album 'Night Stories'.

iTunes - bit.ly/VPbqTt
Amazon MP3 - amzn.to/VPbcvF
Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/3UTfYDM5vCjQAonEW0gLFz

Emily Weeks is a soon-to-be graduate of Washington State University, where she will receive her degree in French and Fine Arts. She also studied Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) for one year before leaving due to financial concerns, but she is considering returning there provided she can find sufficient funds. She is also considering graduate studies in filmmaking and animation, with the ultimate goal of becoming an independent animator/filmmaker. A native of the mountainous forests of Washington State, from a young age she developed a deep affinity with the landscape and animals. She enjoys the writings of Thoreau and Barry Lopez, among many others.

The music video for "Cloud Cover" was inspired by such references as The Neverending Story, Spirited Away, The Daydreamer, the art of Carter Goodrich, painter Jeremy Miranda, and "Super Mario World" for Super Nintendo, among others, though the story and imagery are very much driven by Amarta's music.


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