This is an informal 'test' to get a feel for our different lenses we have on the BMCC, mostly interested to see how they look 'wide open'. The glaring gap in our range so far is the canon 24/1.4L which we don't have yet.

This is not a 'sharpness' test. There are a couple of shots where after setting focus, Danelle (my amazing and tolerant/patient girlfriend and better half of 'A Couple Of Night Owls') moved slightly forward/back missing critical focus (most notably the 50/1.2 suffered from the missed focus - the start of the 50/1.2 @1.2 shows it more in focus for a moment before going out). Again, i was really just trying to get a feel for what the lenses look like on a person and we were moving quickly so i missed these errors.

Also at the end of testing i decided to throw on my canon 50/1.4 to compare to the 50/1.2L but didn't get the distance/crop quite the same as when i had the 50/1.2L on earlier. Still gives an idea though. Also it's obviously NOT an L series lens as noted in the video/slate. That was a copy/paste laziness error. :P

Some shots i needed to add ND to get decent exposure, some i could just change the shutter angle. For shots i NEEDED the ND wide open, i took it off when stopped down on the same lens to compare.

Lenses tested:

• Canon 14/2.8L 0:00
• Canon 35/1.4L 0:06
• Canon 50/1.2L 0:27
• Canon 50/1.4 0:54
• Canon 100/2.8L 1:18
• Canon 135/2L 1:31
• Canon 70-200/2.8L IS (@200mm) 1:47
• Canon 70-200/2.8L IS (@70mm) 2:01

Lenses we have i didn't test were the 85/1.2L and 24-70/2.8L as neither are currently functioning properly on my BMCC (hopefully fixed soon in firmware updates).

Graded in Resolve, 'assembled' in premiere.

Music (used with permission) by the amazing Ben King from the "Grand Rapids" album "Faintheartedness" (which i also had the extreme pleasure of mixing!):

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