An unplanned excursion to a cliff face on a rather windy day, with my trusty old bush bashing Bixler2 MkII... made it to the cliff face with decent video (considering it is 5.8ghz) so I decided to push on into the wind to see how far I could get with my new IRC Spironet CL/SPW antennae. Worried about chewing through the amps to get out there, decided to turn back at 4km.
As it turned out the tail wind rocketed me back home, so the duration of the vid is just clowning around, until landing in the gusty wind...

Bixler 2
vRx was on my hat, we were sitting under a tree, 4km I thought, quite neat.

This is an unedited video so it is the long, boring flight, but you have the fast fwd button for a reason, feel free to use & abuse it :)
It is a pity the video quality is compromised, honestly the image is nothing like what was in the goggs... GS recorder ~ PC ~ video editing software ~ internet upload... but it does give an idea.


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