This is an example of a "through hole" solder session. The example is showing the pins on an Adafruit L3GD20 Triple axis gyro breakout board. This is not a comprehensive tutorial. Be careful and use proper safety procedures when soldering.

1) Gently wedge the soldering iron tip between the pad of the printed circuit board (pcb) and the pin of the component that you are soldering.
2) Tilt the soldering iron to increase heat transfer to the pin by increasing the amount of surface area in contact with the iron.
3) Feed enough solder into the solder joint until the entire pad is covered. Avoid adding excess solder. Solder should run around the pin and fill the gap all around the hole of the pcb.
4) Remove the soldering wire from the joint before removing the iron in order to keep the wire from becoming attached to the joint.
5) Check your work for poorly connected or shorted solder joints. As you can see in the video, the 3rd and 4th pins from the left do not get completely soldered to the pad. Repairs were made off camera before the end of the video. The bad joints were re-soldered and are corrected in the final display.
6) Resolder any questionable joints.

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